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Visit Bergamo

About the project

The beautiful province of Bergamo is right next to our home and office here in Italy. We have the pleasure of working with Visit Bergamo to make the area feel even more travel-worthy than it already is.

As Bergamo is a destination where you can sense the authenticity of the people, traditions, and scenery, the province aims to make you feel at home. This gave birth to the campaign "In Bergamo, you belong," emphasizing that this is the place where you are welcome and can stay—even for a longer while.


The team at Visit Bergamo aimed for each video to showcase people, not just beautiful views. This approach makes sense, as we want to ensure that visitors feel like they belong here, and warm and welcoming people play a significant role in achieving that. As usual, we handled the casting and all other elements related to the production.


Visit Bergamo is an organization with a goal of promoting tourism in the province of Bergamo, Italy.

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