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About the project

Over the years, we have worked diligently to craft delicious narratives and visuals that showcase Arla's commitment to the exceptional quality of their dairy products, and of course, to sustainability.

We have produced dozens of individual pieces of content - ranging from showreels to short commercials, photographs and written recipes catered towards Arla's customers. 

Production: Inspirations: Pizza

Arla Pro, focusing on professional kitchens worldwide, aimed to strengthen the connection between its cheeses and the world of pizzas. We reached out to a friend who owns one of Europe's top pizzerias to help us convey the message.

Production: Waste Sessions

Arla wanted to convey actionable messages centered on reducing food waste. We reached out to our chef friends Ina Niiniketo and Jesper Björkell, who collaborated with us to create three sustainable recipes each. This collaboration gave birth to a six-part video series called 'Waste Sessions".


Arla is the largest producer of dairy products in Scandinavia, and the largest dairy in the United Kingdom with an annual revenue of almost 14 billion dollars.

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