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GB Foods

About the project

One of GB Foods' brands, Chef René, a traditional and historically significant mayonnaise brand, required a makeover. We created an entirely new brand identity, including 12 video recipes, brand imagery, and new labels for the packaging

We wanted the brand to evoke nostalgia while maintaining a clear sense of contemporary relevance. This ethos is reflected not only in the brand's visual system but also in the content we produced.


We crafted a completely fresh brand identity with comprehensive guidelines to support its use. A suite of 12 engaging video recipes, available in both vertical and horizontal formats, was produced to showcase the products in action. Additionally, we designed and incorporated new brand imagery, enhancing the visual appeal, and created captivating new labels for our product packaging to better communicate our brand's essence and quality. We also designed 3D renderings for a tradeshow section to be implemented once Chef René's brand hits the road.

Brand identity

We wanted the new logo, typefaces and colors of the brand to feel like it's a familiar and friendly sight on a grocery store aisle.

Label design

Alongside the brand identity renewal, we were tasked with a new label design as well.


GB Foods, a Spanish company based in Barcelona, is a leading player in the food industry with over 30 local brands. It operates in 70 countries on four continents with an annual revenue of around 1,3 billion euros.

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