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La Marzocco

About the project

La Marzocco, the company synonymous with the world's greatest coffee machines, has realized a significant problem in many restaurant experiences: the coffee experience might not always meet the restaurant's standards.

To spread understanding of this fact, La Marzocco hired us to tell stories of excellence, passion, and details — all the things that matter for a great restaurant experience. It turns out that every ingredient matters.


The production of this global campaign spans 8 destinations around the world. Our aim is not to create commercial advertisements but to transmit the passion, attention to detail, and precision of the work that takes place in restaurants. We intend to prompt viewers to ponder: why wouldn't coffee matter as much?


La Marzocco is a renowned Italian manufacturer of espresso machines, known for its high-quality craftsmanship and innovative designs, dating back to 1927. 

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