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About the project

We have been collaborating with Unilever for two consecutive years. During this time, we have filmed with brands such as The Vegetarian Butcher, Knorr, Maille, and Hellmann's, to name a few.

Unilever Food Solutions, a company segment catering to food professionals, has greatly benefited from our expertise, not only in media production but also in our deep understanding of cooking.


We were tasked with producing two distinct content collections in collaboration with the Finnish Bocuse d'Or team, sponsored by Unilever. We shot dozens of videos in both horizontal and vertical formats to showcase Knorr's new stocks and The Vegetarian Butcher's innovative vegan products, among others. Additionally, we captured a plethora of photographs and created advertisements.


Unilever is a Fortune 500 listed multinational consumer goods company known for its wide range of products in the areas of food and beverages, home and personal care. Unilever Food Solutions is a division of Unilever that specializes in providing food and beverage products, as well as various services, to the foodservice industry.

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