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Metsä Group

About the project

Saga Pro, Metsä Greaseproof Paper's brand focusing on professional kitchens worldwide, needed to communicate its products' key benefits to its professional customers.

We produced a video collection for two different products: baking paper and GN liner, Saga's innovative cooking paper known for its exceptional moisture resistance.


For this production, we called our friends at Restaurant Palace, Finland's top restaurant with 2 Michelin stars, and received permission to use their kitchen for the shoot. Our goal was to capture the collaborative kitchen atmosphere and track the journey of the cooking paper throughout the kitchen, showcasing how it aids cooks in their daily tasks. The result was three distinct videos—one for each product—and a combination video to highlight the exceptional cooking paper family produced by Saga.


Metsä Group is a Finnish forest industry company that specializes in sustainable forestry, paper, pulp, and wood products. It is known for its commitment to responsible forest management and environmentally friendly practices. Metsä Group's annual revenue is over 6 billion dollars. Metsä Greasproof Papers is a division of Metsä Group, and houses a brand named Saga. Saga markets completely biodegradable and compostable paper products for kitchen from responsibly sourced wood. 

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